HELIX22 Post-Quantum Encryption SDK

Helix22 is not just another encryption SDK; it's a revolutionary shield against cyber vulnerabilities. Fueled by a blend of multi-ciphers and multi-layered encryption techniques, Helix22 ensures comprehensive protection for data at rest, in use, and in transit. Its pioneering approach includes dual present/future forward secrecy for encryption keys and key exchange keys, along with dual encryption for key exchange mechanisms and key management.

GUARDA Digital Security Blanket

GUARDA is not just an application; it's a paradigm shift in digital security. Seamlessly downloadable onto any device – be it mobile, desktop, laptop, TVs, routers, and beyond – GUARDA extends its protective cloak over every facet of digital life. From files and communications at rest, in use, to in transit, GUARDA ensures that every byte of data remains impervious to eavesdropping, hacking, or data exfiltration.