Who we are

BLAKFX provides a holistic approach to cybersecurity to enable businesses and nations to be resilient in the face of cyber threats from state and non-state actors. Our goal is to put an end to global hacking pandemic which is projected to hit $27 Trillion/year by year 2027. BLAKFX has developed HELIX22 Post Quantum Encryption that is the best encryption SDK on the market, considered today unhackable by the current or future quantum computers.

Our solutions are aimed at enhancing and securing the key sectors that underpin a safe and non compromisible enterprise and government in all sectors: leadership, military & national defense, intelligence services, civil government, financial services (banking, payment systems, cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, wallets & exchanges), transportation (air, maritime, public), energy sector, aerospace, and critical telecommunications sector.

Our Capabilities​

We provide clients with capabilities to protect their most important & top secret assets and communications and ensure they are cyber resilient.

Various methods, techniques and technologies are used to prevent, identify, assess, mitigate & respond in real time to cyber threats & attacks 24x7.

We developed the world's first Post-Quantum End-to-End Encryption, Key Exchange and Key Management SDK for secure communications, secure phones, secure satellites, etc.

Recent Projects

Requested Projects By Customers:

Helix22 Post-Quantum Encryption SDK
Coming Soon: GUARDA VPN With Helix22 Post Quantum Multi Layer Encryption (Consumer, Enterprise & Government)
Coming Soon: GUARDA MAX - End-to-End/Device-to-Device Post-Quantum Encrypted Security Platform (Consumer & Enterprise)
Coming Soon: GUARDA Gov - Full 360 Degrees of Device, Data & Communications Protection (Governments Only)
Next Generation Cyber-Reconnaissance (Networks & Internet Public Space)
Secure Encrypted Phones For National Security
End-to-End Encrypted Networks
Ransomware Protection
Insider Threat Protection
Post Quantum Communications Platform For National Security

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