Who is listening to your Zoom call? Concerns grow over app’s security

Unless the application has true end to end encryption with the proper encryption cipher, proper key exchange cipher, zero knowledge server and perfect forward secrecy, then most probably your conversations & data are compromised and in the hands of various intelligence agencies in the world.

I would STOP using unsecure conference calling and collaboration tools ASAP. The damage done during this pandemic period might be tremendous & the agencies and enterprises might never recover from the data theft and intellectual property exfiltration.

Our Helix SDK allows software manufacturers to achieve just that: the best & unmatched data & communications protection with true device to device multi layer encryption, P/FFS, quantum immunity & more.

BLAKFX is preparing a list of good cyber hygiene procedure and products you can use today to remain cyber resilient even when your entire communication & IP is protected by the $30 firewall your ISP put in your WiFi router.