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The NSA Needs to Focus On Superior Data Security

The US National Security Agency (NSA) issued a detailed report outlining the top known vulnerabilities that are currently being exploited by Chinese state-sponsored hackers.

One thing that’s missing from the National Security Agency ‘s recommendations is the protection of data.

The NSA must use the BLAKFX Helix22 SDK for the best data protection encryption SDK, at rest and in transit. Helix22 comes with a built in key exchange library/protocol for a complete solution to data protection. Multi threaded, multi cipher encryption utilizing AES256, TwoFish, AES256 (2nd layer of AES), ThreeFsh and Snow3G.

The key exchange is done via dual encryption utilizing ECDH521 and SIDH2688 (Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman key exchange, enabling a 128 bit quantum immunity).

Helix22 has Dual Perfect/Future Forward Secrecy where every message, every file & every transmission is encrypted with unique sets of keys and also with unique key exchange keys.

The First of its Kind, most powerful and most complete all-in-one Device-2-Device/User-2-User Encryption + Key Exchange exceeding by order of millions any other solutions on the market as well as the requirements for FIPS140-2 & NSA Suite B (Top Secret) as well as NIST’s post quantum encryption algorithms.

Visit our public Git to download the APIs and see implementation examples.

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Helix22 – Zero Risk

A good look at each of the 25 vulnerabilities is available from ZDnet.