Products & Cybersecurity Services


1. Design, Building & Deployment of Ultra Secure Government & Enterprise  Networks
2. Design, Building & Deployment of Ultra Secure SOC – 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers
3. Design, Building & Deployment of Malware and Reverse Engineering Labs
4. Design, Building & Deployment of Ultra Secure End2End Encrypted Applications – Messenger, Email, File Transfer, Secure News, Audio/Video/Conference Calls (exceeding FIPS140-2, NSA Suite B Top Secret Requirements, etc)
5. Ultra Secure Mobile Android Based Encrypted Phones
6. Ultra Secure, Encrypted  VPN
7. Artificial Intelligence Systems Custom Made Applications
8. BLAK24X7 SDK is software designed to be inserted with just 5 lines of code into any application that needs to protect the data at rest, in use and in transit with encryption technology that exceeds by an order of millions the strength and requirements of the US FIPS140-2 and NSA Suite B top secret and military communication standards. BLAK24X7 SDK is a multi cipher, multi later encryption software that provide 5 layers of encryption for both current and post quantum computing technology immunity and is currently the best protection available in the world. The BLAK24X7 SDK is embedded in every security product designed by BLAKFX assuring not only the best protection in the world but also compatibility between all your secure systems.


1. Ultra Secure Government & Enterprise Networks  – Infrastructure Defense & Controls (includes cyber security hardening)
2. Managed Detection & Response – 24x7x365 Security Operations Center Monitoring Services
3. Malware and Reverse Engineering Lab Services
4. Cyber Security Advisory Services
5. Cyber Security Assessments – Vulnerability Discovery & Management
6. Cyber Infrastructure Security – Hardening, Policies & Risk Management