Our New Year’s Resolution

Our New Year’s resolution at BLAKFX is to help companies and governments:

1. put an end to global hacking pandemic by releasing the Helix end to end encryption SDK with global key exchange and post quantum immunity and partner with them on integrating it into their software & platforms;

2. prevent global ransomware attacks & exploits by releasing the Ransomware Auditing as a Service (RaaS) scanning & remediation service;

3. prevent & deter network hacking & exploits by making available our nation state level penetration testing services, cybersecurity architecture remediation and managed security services via our Xtreme National Security Level SOC;

4. end the global hacking, interception, data and communications exfiltration & exploitation via our communication partners featuring security by our Helix SDK;

5. ending the hacking in the crypto space via our exchange & wallet partners that integrate our Helix SDK in their wallets, exchange & custody solutions to make crypto currencies nonexploitable.

We have bold goals and we already started to chip away at the $3 Trillion/year global cybercrime market. We plan to crush it in 2020!

Are you ready to “Armor Up” and get “Digital Kevlar” for your data, networks, communications and digital assets?

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