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Norwegian Parliament Attacked and Emails Stolen

Yesterday, the Norwegian government announced it had been the victim of an organized cyber attack.

Several email accounts of elected and non-elected officials had been breached. This type of data theft can quite easily become the most damaging. Paying a ransom in one thing but having national secrets exposed can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Global National Security is at the very heart of what we are striving to achieve at BLAKFX. We all know that cyber espionage is a tangible threat to all of our collective well-being. Government’s simply cannot operate effectively if the threat of exposure is omnipresent.

Take for instance the WikiLeaks scandal. Some people might think Julian Assange a hero for revealing many individuals personal emails. However, whether you believe in government transparency or not, the world simply is not in a place yet where all discussions can be made public. National security depends on a great amount of privacy.

If Hillary Clinton had had the Helix22 SDK installed on her servers then none of those emails would have been put into a public forum. The emails still could have been stolen, but in the genius thinking of BLAKFX, none of the information could have been exfiltrated.

Back to the Norway example, the email data theft would not have been impossible if Norway were utilizing the Helix22 SDK. Helix22 protects data even in the case of a straight forward break-in like this attack. Helix22 delivers a perfect level of data protection through the protocol we are pioneering, which is genuine User2User (U2U) encryption.

You see, unlike most encryption products, the Helix22 cryptography embeds with the data itself. This means all data is always protected, even when in use or at rest. Most encryption products only protect data during transmission.

With U2U encryption, Helix22 will only open data on identified and protected devices. Therefore, any government data that is modified, forwarded, copied or saved cannot be exfiltrated unless on the identified users device. Therefore, in this particular attack, any email data that was accessed would not have been usable. This encryption protocol also makes ransomwares attacks obsolete.

As global governments urge citizens to use more services on line, and the Covid-19 circumstances accelerate the transition, national governments everywhere need to be at their best. As more and more information is handled digitally, the risks are increasing exponentially. National governments need a product like Helix22 that renders cyber attacks obsolete.

Even in the case of a treasonous insider breach, all data would still be protected.

Governments everywhere need to install Helix22, then as a society we can have the discussion about more transparency. Transparency is great but only if it is controlled.

Finally, Helix22 has already withstood quantum computer attack testing and penetration testing by MI6. Quantum immunity means no need to upgrade in a couple of years when RSA based products become obsolete.

Helix22 – Zero Risk

To read more about the attack on Norway’s parliamentarians, click here.