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New Zealand is Under Cyber Attack

The New Zealand stock exchange (NZX) has been the victim of a prolonged cyber attack. Yesterday was the 5th day in a row that it has been targeted by a combination of Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) and extortion demands. This time at least, the stock market did not have to suspend trading.

I think it is fair to state that cyber attacks of this nature are becoming a new business sector and that they will increase in frequency and geography in the near future. It seems clear that cyber attacks are now, in some parts of the world anyway, a legitimate business enterprise.

Not only will firms have to protect against cyber attacks and data theft, but they will have to compete for the engineering resources. The costs of cyber security will escalate accordingly.

At BLAKFX we predict that other New Zealand firms will be targeted. The level of attack will escalate until the entirety of the New Zealand economy could is under attack.

The Helix22 data security SDK by BLAKFX was developed to reduce those costs and eliminate data theft.

In our engineering approach, we anticipated the common-place nature of cyber attacks and developed products that actually render data 100% secure. We embrace a mindset that for all data products to continue to grow and bring about the economic development and human interaction that is required, there would need to be better control over data.

With this thought in mind, we developed the Helix22 SDK, which would make yours and the New Zealand stock exchange data secure and protected whether in use, at rest or in transit. The Helix22 data security cryptography is embedded along with the data itself, and subsequently stays attached to the data and therefore cannot be exfiltrated by unintended users. Even if the effort was primarily a ransomware attack, the New Zealand stock market could just ignore the threat as all their data is 100% protected.

How we do this is through the genius of our patented DNABindingTM. This protocol embeds our encryption directly to the data. In New Zealand’s case, or yours, data is always protected. Even at rest or in use, your data is always safe. To handle transmission, we invented a true user2user (U2U) encryption. We manage data security transmission through the truly brilliant and also patented universal Helix22 key service. The Helix22 encryption originates on your network or device. When data arrives to our key server, it is already encrypted so all it needs to do is issue another private key. This key will then only work with the receiving device, which generates the matching key required to open the data. In this protocol, we are truly a “zero-knowledge” server so your Intellectual Property (IP) remains encrypted. Even if subpoenaed, we can honor the request by just handing over the encrypted content…as that is all we have. Helix22 also only use keys one-time and then destroys them. This way the data security is future forward prefect. Therefore, in our unique user-to-user encryption (U2U) world, there is no opportunity at all for any data leak.

Let’s take it a step further. Even if the New Zealand stock exchange had fallen victim to the internal attack, there is no reason for concern of data theft. Any data that has been forwarded, downloaded, copied or saved cannot be exfiltrated. Period.  Helix22 has the world’s foremost data packets which are protected with multi-layered, military grade encryption algorithms that have already withstood quantum computing attacks and penetration testing by MI6.

The BLAKFX founders also founded Wickr, which is used by the US military and has never been hacked since its inception in 2012. Helix22 is several generations enhanced.

Finally, the Helix22 encryption is quantum computing era immune.

At BLAKFX, we took an approach that allowed us to deliver forward-thinking solutions for data protection. We like to say that we are delivering 22nd Century Data Security.


Helix22 – Zero Risk


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