New Orleans mayor declares state of emergency in wake of city cyberattack

As we approach 2020 the cybercrime losses will follow a hockey stick increase. Most probably around $4.5 Trillion for 2020.

I always liked the AAA ad “You don’t have to join us but one day you will break down and THEN you will join”.

Looks like cybersecurity is regarded the same way.

I have a free advise for the mayor of New Orleans & everyone else. You wanna stop phishing in your networks? Get rid of HTML formatted emails & quarantine ALL attachments. When there are no clickable links, the rate of infection goes to zero. Yes to zero!

So text only email. Is that too much to ask for?

Next step. Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt. End-to-end, device-to-device….

Wanna have intelligence service & military grade security? Then embed the BLAKFX Helix SDK in your applications for the best data at rest, in use & in transit protection. It’s “Cyber Kevlar” for your data!