Japan reacts to the ∆ of Security

BLAKCoin Security – Pre-ICO Period from Classiarius on Vimeo.

Visitors to Japan come from around the world. When out on the streets of Tokyo, you will hear French, German, Chinese, Korean, Italian and of course English as travellers enjoy one of the most intriguing and beautiful countries in the world, that is also renowned for polite citizens and safe streets. In fact, the Japanese are obsessed with politeness and safety.

So you can imagine the shock when, in early 2018, a coin exchange suffered a $530 million heist. This of course, was the second massive heist in recent years, as Tokyo suffered a $400 million heist in 2014 in the Mt. Gox incident. Of course, there have been heists and theft in every major center but Japan clearly suffered two combined that totaled almost $1 billion.

Ironically, there are coins and systems that are being developed that still do not place a premium on user safety and security. To date, no currency or back-end technology exists that can avoid theft or securely facilitate transactions with the speed and volume required for widespread adoption. To this end, the experienced professionals at BL∆KCoin have built the most secure coin in the world, with math at its core.

The creators of BL∆KCoin have previously created Wickr, which is the most secure messaging platform in the world, United Alert, the first secure unified emergency alert and group communications system in the world, as well as Cryptegrity, the first end to end encrypted steganography communications system and BarkBYTE, the first intelligent Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) in the world.

BL∆KCoin will protect against a host of threats including theft, interception, tampering and transaction denials with a defense that is multi-threaded and multi-layered, end-to-end encrypted and immune to the quantum-crypto attacks of the future. BL∆KCoin is delivering security that many coins have not yet even considered.

The Pre-ICO period of the 20th of April to the 20th of May 2018 has arrived.

We ask you to please study investment opportunity – BLAKCoin.