How To Prevent an Insider Attack

Your firm or nation can spend a fortune on keeping outsiders away from your data. However, very little can be done to prevent an insider attack. Especially, if you rely on contractors more than your own properly vetted employees.

The latest thinking in terms of prevention of insider attacks is to monitor data in real time to detect abnormal activity, enhance identity verification of users and if possible attempt to predict the threat before it were to occur. All that in reality is not going to do much to prevent someone, especially an IT professional, who knows the system.

A definitive solution is the Helix22 SDK.  Helix22 protects the data itself unlike most other data security products that try to limit access.  With our DNA BindingTM, the encryption protocol embeds directly with the data itself.  This means that data is always 100% secure. Therefore, even in the case of an insider attack, any data that is copied, downloaded, forwarded or saved is rendered useless.

Our patented encryption we have developed is mutli-layered and superbly designed. It has proven to be unhackable. We have tested with MI5 and our founders developed Wickr, which since its inception in 2012 has never been hacked and is now utilized by the US military for their communications. Helix22 has been exponentially imagined and secured over that period.

We all like to feel that our staff are trustworthy and reliable, but in technology, “zero-trust” is the only pragmatic course for your data.

Helix22 – Zero Risk