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How Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Works and Why RSA Encryption Will Be Obsolete

Researchers in the Netherlands have successfully connected three separate quantum processors in what is effectively the world’s first multi-node quantum network. This paves the way for a large-scale quantum internet that governments and scientists have been dreaming up for decades.

QuTech, a quantum research institute based in Delft, has published new work in which three nodes that can store and process quantum bits (also called qubits) were linked. This, according to the QuTech researchers, is the world’s first rudimentary quantum network.

Quantum Computing Will Demand New Solutions

Driving much of the research effort is the objective of creating a quantum internet that could one day stretch across the surface of the planet. The quantum internet would exploit the unique laws of quantum mechanics to let quantum devices communicate with each other, and is expected to unlock a range of applications that cannot be run with existing classical means.

When it comes to classical communications, most data is secured by distributing a shared key to the sender and receiver, and then using this common key to encrypt the message. The receiver can then use their key to decode the data at their end. Note;  The Helix22 SDK encryption does not work this way.

The security of most classical communication today is based on an algorithm for creating keys that is difficult for hackers to break, but not impossible. That’s why researchers are looking at making this communication process “quantum”. The concept is at the core of an emerging field of cybersecurity called quantum key distribution (QKD).

QKD works by having one of the two parties encrypt a piece of classical data by encoding the cryptography key onto qubits. The sender then transmits those qubits to the other person, who measures the qubits in order to obtain the key values. This is similar in thinking to the Helix22 cryptography which attaches to typical data bits and bytes to protected the data itself, rather than creating a perimeter.

More importantly, QKD means that it is easy to find out whether a third party has eavesdropped on the qubits during the transmission, since the intruder would have caused the key to collapse simply by looking at it. With the Helix22 SDK, even if the the data is intercepted, it cannot be exfiltrated without a Helix22 enabled device.

If a hacker looked at the qubits at any point while they were being sent, this would automatically change the state of the qubits. A spy would inevitably leave behind a sign of eavesdropping – which is why cryptographers maintain that QKD is “provably” secure.

It is easy to see how with qubits how traditional encryption will become obsolete. Quantum computing threatens all information currently protected by 2048-bit RSA encryption.

Why is this?  Put very simply, in our current model of computing, the power comes from parallel processing which can only be ascertained through linking separate processors. Parallel processing is external to the individual processor.

Helix22 is Already Quantum Immune – Start Your Integration on our Github

This thinking is reversed in quantum computing, which uses the quantum mechanics principle that a single object can be in multiple places at the same time. This multiplicity can be translated to variables which can in principle be different variables in a single algorithm that can be processed simultaneously. In other words, the parallel processing needed for current computer power is now moved inside a single processor. The computing power and time requirements are both exponentially affected.

The current security of RSA key encryption is based on the premise of creating an impossibly hard problem by factoring very large numbers. Although there are algorithms that can do so, the amount of computing power necessary is immense and easily increased – the effort to break the key grows nearly exponentially with the key size.

This concept that encryption will always remain ahead of the ability to build supercomputers with more and more separate cores operating in parallel and capable of decryption does not apply to quantum computers where the parallelism is effectively increased within the processor. Powerful quantum computers will be able to defeat current RSA encryption relatively easily. It has already been demonstrated that with quantum computers, factorization and discrete logarithms can be solved in polynomial time. A quantum computer can use its inbuilt parallelism to drastically reduce the time taken to crack the key. For example, adding a couple of more digits won’t help as RSA-3072 will be as easily defeated as a 2048 key.

In finding a suitable post-quantum encryption standard, it is useful to consider that the security of RSA encryption is based on two elements: the difficulty of the mathematical problem (factoring large numbers) that needs to be solved, and the assumed lack of any algorithm or method that can solve the problem with current classical computer technology. The quantum threat comes from the increase in computing power together with the existence of an algorithm that can harness that power to solve the problem: both parts are necessary.

What we at BLAKFX understand better than anyone else is the new era of data security is one that requires new solutions. The era of perimeter defenses is over as it is proving impossible to keep hackers from breaching the perimeter and accessing data. E2E encryption based on old models of RSA cryptography will be obsolete when quantum computing becomes mainstream.

            Our Motto

       In Math We Trust

Review Helix22 API, examples and documentation on our GIT

Helix22 delivers perfect security assurance due to our genius engineering team that has invented a new model for data security that required an innovative look at the problem. The approach we took was to protect the data itself. Almost all other data security products try to build a perimeter or being fanatic on user credentials. However, once the product is breached or a password is stolen, even if it is 2FA or encrypted, your firms data is in the clear.

You see, the Helix22 cryptography is embedded with the data itself through our inventive and patented process of DNA BindingTM. Therefore, even if credentials are stolen the data cannot be exfiltrated. This means that all data is 100% protected regardless of the type of attack.

Another substantial advantage of Helix22, is that it protects all data whether at rest, in use or in transit. All communication apps for example, only encrypt data while in transit. Therefore, that encryption become useless for internal IT security or Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning experimentation. All data generated during these massive computing exercises is equally protected in real time. Plus, the latency period for the Helix22 is exponentially less than any other security product, so it actually contributes to faster processing times.

In this protocol, we are truly a “zero-knowledge” server so your private communications and transmissions remain completely top secret. Even in the event that BLAKFX were subpoenaed, we can honor the request by just handing over the encrypted content…as that is literally all we have. Helix22 also only use keys just one-time and then destroys them. This way the data security is future forward prefect. Therefore, in our unique user-to-user encryption (U2U) world, there is no opportunity ever for any data leak.

The Helix22 data security SDK accomplishes the following:

  • Protects all your firms data at rest, in use and in transit
  • Renders ransomware threats obsolete
  • Eliminates human error
  • Eliminates all malicious or interior attacks
  • Verifies original content i.e. minimizes the threat of impersonation attacks and deep fakes
  • Delivers ultra low latency
  • Installs with 5 lines of code
  • Runs on any platform, network, device and in any programming language
  • Provides perfect future/forward secrecy
  • Delivers “zero-knowledge” encryption
  • Compatible with all cloud, 3rd party and vendor services
  • Is quantum ready – so there’s no need to upgrade when the time comes
  • Requires no employee training
  • Exceeds all gov’t and banking standards
  • Meets compliance regulations

U2U/D2D encryption

We can make these claims as the tech engineers at BLAKFX invented and patented a genuine user2user (U2U) or device2device (D2D) encryption. We manage data security transmission through the truly brilliant and also patented universal Helix22 key service. The Helix22 encryption originates on your network or device, not just when the app is opened. This means, that when data arrives to our key server, it is already encrypted so all it needs to do is issue another key. Signal and Telegram cannot claim this level of security. This key will then only work with the intended device, which generates a matching key required to open the data. In this protocol, we are truly a “zero-knowledge” server so your communications and transmissions remain completely top secret. Even in the event that BLAKFX were subpoenaed, we can honor the request by just handing over the encrypted content…as that is literally all we have. Helix22 also only use keys just one-time and then destroys them. This way the data security is future forward prefect. Therefore, in our unique user-to-user encryption (U2U) or device-to-device (D2D) world, there is no opportunity at all for any data leak.

This same protocol just described, can be the same with all your 3rd party vendors and suppliers. It does not matter in the least what platform they are running or what device they are using or even the type of data, it is all 100% protected. We do however, strongly require that all firms involved be utilizing Helix22 due to the nature of the data content. Helix22 can ensure that whatever data they are generating is protected as well. This methodology ensures your supply chain is 100% secure.

Let’s take it a step further. Even if your organization were a victim of an internal attack, a victim of malicious open source downloads or perhaps even the target of nefarious espionage efforts, there is no reason for concern. Any data that has been forwarded, downloaded, copied or saved cannot be exfiltrated. Period.  We have the technology industries foremost data packets which are protected with multi-layered, military grade encryption algorithms that have already proven the ability to withstand penetration testing from MI5 and quantum computing attacks.

One final practical genius of DNA BindingTM is that it is immediately compatible with whichever system or software you are utilizing. Helix22 is platform agnostic and runs on any system, network, device and in any programming language. Therefore, any organization or government can install Helix22 regardless of the state of their overall IT capabilities. or, limitations.

BLAKFX is Based on Success

Our founders, Robert Statica PhD and Kara Coppa, also founded Wickr, which is used by the US military and has never been hacked since its inception in 2012. The Helix22 data security SDK is several generations enhanced since then. Dr. Statica also delivered the encryption for the world’s most secure phone, Katim.


Founder – Robert Statica PhD            Founder – Kara Coppa                   Founder – Alex Maslov MS, MBA                    



Co-Founders of Wickr                    KatimTM Ultra Secure Smartphone


Finally, the Helix22 encryption is quantum computing ready so no need to redo all your data security methodologies in a couple of years when everything else becomes obsolete.

We like to refer to Helix22 as “22nd Century Data Security.”

The wrold's foremost B2B and B2G data security product.

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