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BLAKFX: In Math We Trust – Helix22 End-to-End Post Quantum Encryption
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How Helix22 Protects Data at Rest

There are three data states. In use, in transit and at rest. The Helix22 SDK protects data perfectly in all three, but let’s focus on the most difficult and accessible state which is data at rest.

Data at Rest means all data in storage. Data at Rest includes but is not limited to archived data, data which is not accessed or changed frequently, files stored on hard drives, USB thumb drives, files stored on backup tape and disks, and also files stored off-site or on a storage area network (SAN). It also represents any data that you persist in non-volatile storage for any duration in your workload. This includes block storage, object storage, databases, archives, IoT devices, and any other storage medium on which data is persisted. Protecting your data at rest reduces the risk of unauthorized access, when encryption and appropriate access controls are implemented.

However, data at rest is the hardest to protect due to the multitude of breach tactics.

Perimeter Defenses Can Be By-Passed

Usually, conventional antivirus software and firewalls are used to protect data at rest. Most data security products focus on establishing a perimeter defense to keep unintended access from a wide source of cyber threats actors. However, these tactics and products cannot guarantee safety from phishing attacks for example that can target specific individuals, corrupt one workstation and then proceed to attack the rest of the network.

What we understand better than anyone else is the new era of data security is one that requires new solutions. The era of perimeter defenses is over as it is proving impossible to keep hackers from breaching the perimeter and accessing data. Further E2E encryption based on old models of RSA cryptography will be obsolete when quantum computing becomes mainstream.
Helix22 is Designed To Be Quantum Immune – Start Your Integration on our Git

Helix22 delivers perfect security assurance due to our genius engineering team that has invented a new model for data security that required an innovative look at the problem. The approach we took was to protect the data itself. Almost all other data security products try to build a perimeter or being fanatic on user credentials. However, once the product is breached or a password is stolen, even if it is 2FA or encrypted, your firms data is in the clear.

You see, the Helix22 cryptography is embedded with the data itself through our inventive and patented cryptography of DNA BindingTM. Therefore, even if credentials are stolen the data cannot be exfiltrated. This means that all data is 100% protected regardless of the type of attack.

Cloud Apps and CSP’s Do Not Prioritize Data Security

If your data happens to be on the cloud then you are at the mercy of the app you are accessing and the security standards of the cloud service provider (CSP). As the amount of cloud usage increase exponentially and firms gravitate to cloud apps for productivity reasons, it is not surprising that a greater percentage of malware attacks are leveraging cloud applications. 61% of  malicious payloads in 2020 were delivered via cloud-based apps. Organizations with at least 500 employees and at most 2,000 workers are now using an average of 664 distinct cloud apps each month.

Half of those programs registered a ‘Poor’ rating on the Cloud Confidence Index. This finding shows that many of the cloud apps weren’t ready for enterprise use.

It’s therefore not surprising that digital attackers are using these apps to distribute cloud malware. To be specific, more than half (58%) turned to malicious Microsoft Office documents. They could use these as a means of sending ransomware, back doors and other threats.

At the same time, they’re using cloud apps in other ways, too. Attackers now target cloud-based apps in more than one-third (36%) of phishing attacks as a means of gaining a foothold in the target’s network.

The only way for organizations to retain full control when transitioning to the Cloud is through Anonymization of data or rendering enough sensitive data fields inaccessible when in the Cloud and only accessible again when coming back on-premise or back within their span of control. However, this tactic is beyond reality as fully encrypted cloud data cannot be fully shared thus rendering your data sets, for example, far less valuable.

Another substantial advantage of Helix22, is that it protects all data whether in use or in transit. All communication apps for example, only encrypt data while in transit. Therefore, that encryption become useless for internal IT security or Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning experimentation. All data generated during these massive computing exercises is equally protected in real time. Plus, the latency period for the Helix22 is exponentially less than any other security product, so it actually contributes to faster processing times.

The Helix22 is easy to install and runs on all platforms,  programming languages, networks and devices. Further, it provides equal protection to your data on the cloud.

Negligence and Internal Threats

Beyond the cloud, employee negligence is one of the biggest causes of leaks today and one of the significant dangers to data at rest: forgotten USB sticks and laptop bags in airports or cars are common occurrences in today’s dynamic business environment that often requires travel, off-site meetings and presentations. Disgruntled employees looking to leave a company are also known to copy sensitive data in order to carry it over to their next place of employment. Hackers of course are an on-going menace and data at rest is one of their primary targets for data theft or ransomware attacks.

To avoid internal threats or negligence, the main way to protect data at rest is by controlling access and simply monitoring what files are being accessed and what changes to data are being made.

A commonly used method to protect data at rest is hardware encryption, but while it can safeguard against cases of lost or stolen computers, it does not guarantee its protection against insiders. It is therefore essential that companies look beyond this protection method and explore more complex means to address the security issues surrounding data at rest.

Even if your organization were a victim of an internal attack or a victim of malicious open source downloads, there is no reason for concern. Any data that has been forwarded, downloaded, copied or saved cannot be exfiltrated. Period.  We have the technology industries foremost data packets which are protected with multi-layered, military grade encryption algorithms that have already proven the ability to withstand penetration testing from MI5 and quantum computing attacks.

One final practical genius of DNA BindingTM is in that it is immediately compatible with whichever system or software you are utilizing. Therefore, any organization can forward information to another and then discuss it and there is immediate privacy.

Audit Software and Monitoring are a Full-Time & Expensive Proposition

Probably, the most effective line of defense is usually DCAP (data-centric audit and protection) and DAM (database activity monitoring) is sufficient. Both serve the purpose of protecting data at rest, however neither can protect data 100% and by the time a hack is detected it is too late. These Data Layer Protection (DLP) tactics though require specialized auditing software and expert personnel who are in short supply.

Helix22 makes monitoring less important. Helix22 is also easy to use so expensive IT engineering expertise is not required to install, update or use the product. We make this claim as the tech engineers at BLAKFX invented and patented a genuine device2device (D2D) encryption. We manage data security transmission through the truly brilliant and also patented universal Helix22 key service. The Helix22 encryption originates on your network or device, not just when the app is opened. This means, that when data arrives to our key server, it is already encrypted so all it needs to do is issue another key. Signal and Telegram cannot claim this level of security. This key will then only work with the intended device, which generates a matching key required to open the data. In this protocol, we are truly a “zero-knowledge” server so your communications and transmissions remain completely top secret. Even in the event that BLAKFX were subpoenaed, we can honor the request by just handing over the encrypted content…as that is literally all we have. Helix22 also only use keys just one-time and then destroys them. This way the data security is future forward prefect. Therefore, in our unique device-to-device encryption (D2D) world, there is no opportunity at all for any data leak so therefore less need for monitoring.

This same protocol just described, can be the same with all your 3rd party vendors and suppliers. It does not matter in the least what platform they are running or what device they are using or even the type of data, it is all 100% protected. We do however, strongly advise that all firms involved be utilizing Helix22 due to the nature of the data content. Helix22 can ensure that whatever data they are generating is protected as well.

Hackers Spend Their Entire Day Trying to Defeat You

Hackers have proven of course, that to date, they can bypass all lines of defense and can exist on your systems through embedded malware for long periods off time before detection.

Further, hackers are discovering new ways to hack your systems every day. We offer a wide range of pen testing products designed to identify the gaps in your data systems, but we know the priority is to make it impossible for hackers to access your data.

The Helix22 data security SDK accomplishes the following:

  • Protects all your firms data at rest, in use and in transit
  • Renders ransomware threats obsolete
  • Eliminates human error
  • Eliminates all malicious or interior attacks
  • Verifies original content i.e. minimizes the threat of impersonation attacks and deep fakes
  • Reduces latency
  • Installs with 5 lines of code
  • Runs on any platform, network, device and in any programming language
  • Runs equally as well with any Cloud Service Provider
  • Provides perfect future/forward secrecy
  • Delivers “zero-knowledge” encryption
  • Compatible with all cloud, 3rd party and vendor services
  • Is quantum ready – so there’s no need to upgrade when the time comes
  • Requires no employee training
  • Exceeds all gov’t and banking standards
  • Meets all international compliance regulations

BLAKFX is Based on Success

Our founders, Robert Statica PhD and Kara Coppa, also founded Wickr, which is used by the US military and has never been hacked since its inception in 2012. The Helix22 data security SDK is several generations enhanced since then. Dr. Statica also delivered the encryption for the world’s most secure phone, Katim.


Founder – Robert Statica PhD            Founder – Kara Coppa                   Founder – Alex Maslov MS, MBA                    



Co-Founders of Wickr                    KatimTM Ultra Secure Smartphone


Finally, the Helix22 encryption is quantum computing ready so no need to redo all your data security methodologies in a couple of years when everything else becomes obsolete.

We like to refer to Helix22 as “22nd Century Data Security.”

The wrold's foremost B2B and B2G data security product.

Helix22 – Zero Risk