Helix22 Can Secure USA Election Against Cyber Attack

Securing the upcoming USA election is a major headache for government officials.  Just the threat of a ransomware attack might be enough to compromise the entirety of the system.

At BLAKFX we can stop any sabotage that would normally be described as a data breach. From eliminating ransomware demands, defeating phishing attacks, securing communications, election day hacking…you name it and if data is involved then BLAKFX will secure it. The Helix22 is so unbeatable we can even prevent against insider attacks.

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 18 U.S.C. § 1030, criminalizes unauthorized computer intrusions and other forms of fraud related to computers. Among other offenses, the statute prohibits unauthorized accessing of computers to obtain information and transmit it to unauthorized recipients. Illegal transmission is impossible utilizing the Helix22 SDK as data cannot be exfiltrated from our genius and patented multi-layered encryption. Further, Helix22 protects against unauthorized copying, forwarding, downloading for all data at rest, in use or in transmission.


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