Dept. of Defense – Protecting Top Secret Info While Teleworking

The Department of Defense is trying to determine how best to enhance the security of telework. The primary issue for the Department of Defense and the NSA is of course that so much information is classified and considered top secret and sensitive, it is impossible to trust any device that does not meet security standards. Further, given the issue of espionage, the focus also falls on internal attacks that would be made so much easier in the Work From Home (WFH) model.

BLAKFX has created the most secure User2User multi-layer, multi-cipher, multi-threaded & post quantum encryption with dual encrypted key exchange. An all-in-one SDK that is above Top Secret requirements by the DoD, NSA, etc.

Your data at rest, in use and in transit will be protected with the most advanced algorithms. Also, we have included metadata encryption for your communications so there is no attribution if anybody eavesdrop on your communications.

The SDK could be integrated in your software with just 5 lines of code…

No more data exfiltration, hacking, eavesdropping, opening data on unauthorized machines, etc. Ohh, and no more….Snowden situations!

Helix22 – Zero Risk