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DARKHYDRA3 – Target Reconnaissance and Vulnerability Analysis

The unrelenting international cyber threat has achieved devastating strikes against every business sector and government region. Combating this fierce assault, Onyx Cyber Group provides advanced Next Generation Target Reconnaissance & Vulnerability Analysis. Our extensive expert analysis identifies immediate areas of weakness minimizing consequences of determined threat actors.

Even a single cyber exploitation can prove disastrous and could be a precursor to widespread cyberwarfare with unforeseen collateral damage. Well-funded nation states and criminal organizations are directly targeting government agencies and critical infrastructure; including ongoing campaigns against the financial, healthcare, and transportation sectors worldwide, the true financial and human cost of these attacks is immeasurable.


Routine vulnerability, port “scans” and endpoint software are inadequate in preventing cyber attacks. Our advanced, proprietary “RA3 Engine” (derived from our Reconnaissance | Aggregate | Analyze | Articulate TM methodology) enables us to anonymously capture and correlate multiple target resources, including global IP data, dark web data caches, and social media assets. Our detailed reconnaissance helps identify and document weaknesses allowing for the implementation of effective countermeasures before threat actors cause critical damage.

DARKHYDRA’s RA3 Engine provides next generation target reconnaissance yielding key discovery information for due diligence, background analysis, soft target identification, and correlated profiles from hundreds of intelligence resources. The RA3 Engine utilizes the five intelligence collection disciplines HUMINT, SIGINT, OSINT, IMINT, and MASINT. All results are validated, minimizing false positives, and create actionable, curated client deliverables.

DARKHYDRA’s RA3 Engine is scalable to client requirements and can be integrated into other existing threat intelligence platforms (Palantir, i2, X-Force, iSight, AutoFocus), for more complete threat landscape and actionable intelligence.                    

  BLAKFX is Based on Success

Our founders, Robert Statica PhD and Kara Coppa, also founded Wickr, which is used by the US military and has never been hacked since its inception in 2012. The Helix22 data security SDK is several generations enhanced since then. Dr. Statica also delivered the encryption for the world’s most secure phone, Katim.


Founder – Robert Statica PhD            Founder – Kara Coppa                   Founder – Alex Maslov MS, MBA                    



Co-Founders of Wickr                    KatimTM Ultra Secure Smartphone


Finally, the Helix22 encryption is quantum computing ready so no need to redo all your data security methodologies in a couple of years when everything else becomes obsolete.

We like to refer to Helix22 as “22nd Century Data Security.”

The wrold's foremost B2B and B2G data security product.

Helix22 – Zero Risk