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BLAKFX: In Math We Trust – Helix22 End-to-End Post Quantum Encryption
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Cybercriminals Have a “Hackers Court”

Who says there is no honor amongst thieves.

The reality is however, that cybercriminals don’t view themselves as thieves, rather legitimate businesses and there is an emerging infrastructure to facilitate operations.

Ergo, a “hackers court’ that is moderated and provides dispute resolution services for the hacking community.  Just a fyi, this hacker court being referenced in this article is not affiliated with, which is a hiring site for hackers.

BLAKFX Is the World’s Foremost Provider of B2B and B2G Data Security

For example, cybercriminals who have worked as affiliates with ransomware group DarkSide, responsible for the Colonial Pipeline attack, are having a tough time getting paid for their work now that the group has had its operations interrupted; so, they’re turning to admins of the group’s Dark Web criminal forum to sort things out in what seems to be an online version of Judge Judy.

Ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) providers like DarkSide strike arrangements with various other cybercriminals to provide malware for their campaigns in exchange for a percentage of the take — and business is booming. Ransomware attacks have spiked by 350 percent since 2018.

The claims are being settled among admins in a well-defined “hackers’ courtroom” and payments made by admins out of a DarkSide deposit they control.

The hackers’ court even refers to “plaintiffs” and “defendants.”

The court works both ways. Following the Colonial Pipeline attack, DarkSide distanced themselves from the havoc that was created by claiming to be uninterested in geopolitical attacks and that they were in it for the money only. To quote: “We are apolitical, we do not participate in geopolitics, do not need to tie us with a defined government and look for other our motives. Our goal is to make money, and not creating problems for society.” DarkSide further states that it’s RaaS operation is regulated and they interview affiliates as to their intentions. They have the right to withdraw services and withhold payment for cyber attacks they deem are malicious. If a dispute arises, they too can turn to the Dark Web criminal forum.

It is too bad that the victims of ransomware and cyber attacks do not have the same access to these courts. They only have the regular court system which as we all know, has very little influence over the incidence of cyber attacks.

The point we at BLAKFX is making, is that cyber crime is here to stay. It is no longer can be represented by the image of a lone attacker hiding in a dingy apartment that is trying to wreak havoc or profit. Cyber crime is becoming a well established and perhaps even regulated business sector. The bottom-line is that cyberattacks have become an ordinary business and your firm/gov’t is the source of revenue.

The only thing that can be done is to install the best data security product in the world, which is Helix22.

A primary goal at BLAKFX for 2021 is to put a stop to the impact of ransomware attacks. 

BLAKFX has already delivered a solution to eliminate the affects and costs of Ransomware attacks. Our Helix22 SDK combined with the world’s first Ransomware Audit as a Service (RaaS) will eliminate ransomware threats.

Review Helix22 API, examples and documentation on our GIT

Ransomware Auditing as a Service (RaaS): as ransomware attacks have skyrocket, they have come to represent the biggest threat to the data of government agencies, military, intelligence agencies as well as private enterprises. BLAKFX developed the first in the world Ransomware Auditing as a Service (RaaS) platform which allows our cyber security engineers to scan your network and simulate real-world ransomware attacks to determine the test the prevention, detection and mitigation strategies of your organization and establish how resilient your network is to real ransomware attacks. After the scan we provide a comprehensive report and our recommendations for remediation.

If you are the victim of an actual ransomware attack, we are able to recover the data that has been hi-jacked during the attack and due to Helix22’s patented DNA BindingTM cryptography, restore it to its original state.

D2D encryption:     

We can make this restoration claim as the tech engineers at BLAKFX invented and patented a genuine device2device (D2D) encryption. We manage data security transmission through the truly brilliant and also patented universal Helix22 key service. The Helix22 encryption originates on your network or device, not just when the app is opened. This means, that when data arrives to our key server, it is already encrypted so all it needs to do is issue another key. Signal and Telegram cannot claim this level of security. This key will then only work with the intended device, which generates a matching key required to open the data. In this protocol, we are truly a “zero-knowledge” server so your communications and transmissions remain completely top secret. Even in the event that BLAKFX were subpoenaed, we can honor the request by just handing over the encrypted content…as that is literally all we have. Helix22 also only use keys just one-time and then destroys them. This way the data security is future forward prefect. Therefore, in our unique user-to-user encryption (U2U) world, there is no opportunity at all for any data leak.

This same protocol just described, can be the same with all your 3rd party vendors and suppliers. It does not matter in the least what platform they are running or what device they are using or even the type of data, it is all 100% protected. We do however, strongly advise that all firms involved be utilizing Helix22 due to the nature of the data content. Helix22 can ensure that whatever data they are generating is protected as well.

Let’s take it a step further. Even if your organization were a victim of an internal attack or a victim of malicious open source downloads, there is no reason for concern. Any data that has been forwarded, downloaded, copied or saved cannot be exfiltrated. Period.  We have the technology industries foremost data packets which are protected with multi-layered, military grade encryption algorithms that have already proven the ability to withstand penetration testing from MI5 and quantum computing attacks.

One final practical genius of DNA BindingTM is in that it is immediately compatible with whichever system or software you are utilizing. Therefore, any organization can forward information to another and then discuss it and there is immediate privacy.

Finally, the Helix22 encryption is quantum computing ready so no need to redo all your data security methodologies in a couple of years when everything else becomes obsolete.

In the BLAKFX data security world, ransomware or any other data centric attack cannot have any affect on your systems or data.

BLAKFX is Based on Proven Success
Our founders, Robert Statica PhD and Kara Coppa, also founded Wickr, which is used by the US military and has never been hacked since its inception in 2012. The Helix22 data security SDK iseveral generations enhanced since then. Dr. Statica also delivered the encryption for the world’s most secure phone, Katim.
                                                                                         Founder – Robert Statica PhD            Founder – Kara Coppa                   Founder – Alex Maslov MS, MBA                    



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