Chinese Surveillance Balloon Can Be Defeated With Helix22

The #ChineseBallon contained technology to intercept/monitor communications over the US. All that and other undetected illegal eavesdropping/monitoring/spying on the communications of the US (military, government, enterprise, private citizens) could be rendered obsolete if everyone uses the BLAKFX developed HELIX22 post quantum encryption.
That will make the communications, file exchanges, messages, etc encrypted with the strongest ciphers in the world making them impossible to crack with the current or future quantum machines.
Governments & enterprises please contact info@blakfx.com to get it started.
Consumers will be able to download the total encryption & security app called #GUARDA that BLAKFX has in development now (post quantum encrypted proxy VPN, device security & encryption, compliance capabilities (gov & enterprise only). GUARDA will also provide direct Device-2-Device encryption, first in the world!

Chinese spy balloon: US officials disclosed new details about the balloon’s capabilities. Here’s what we know | CNN Politics