Canon Hit by Ransomware Attack


Canon is the latest firm to have been hit by ransomware.

Helix22 protects against any ransomware attack due to our patented DNA Binding cryptography that embeds our multi layered cypher directly with the data itself. Unlike most other security products that try to keep attackers from gaining access, we took a different approach and protected the data itself. Therefore, even if there is a breach the data itself can not be exfiltrated from our military grade encrypted data packet. Even further, we protect your data at rest, in use as well as in transit.

Helix22 installs with just 5 lines of code and improves latency as it is 1000x faster than TLS.

We like to say that Helix22 delivers 22nd Century Data Security.

Read more about the hack here.

Helix22 – Zero Risk