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Campari Group Ransomware Attack Is Advertised on Facebook by the Hackers

It is one thing to be a ransomware victim, its a whole other level of audacity for the hacker group then to advertise on Facebook and publicly try to shame the firm due to the fact that they didn’t pay them. Of course the hacker group hacked someone’s personal Facebook page to buy the ads.

This is what happened to the Campari group.

The Campari Group, makers of Campari, Wild Turkey, SKYY vodka and Grand Marnier recently experienced a ransomware attack that  shut down the company’s servers. The malware, created by the RagnarLocker gang, essentially locked corporate servers and allowed the hackers to exfiltrate “2 terabytes” of data, according to the hackers.

On Nov. 6, the company wrote, “at this stage, we cannot completely exclude that some personal and business data has been taken.”

While the company admitted to the attack, it’s clear that they hadn’t yet paid the ransom, as the hackers then took out the Facebook ads that targeted Campari Group employees on Facebook.

To post the ads, the hackers broke into a business-focused account owned by another victim and used his credit card to pay for $500 worth of ads. The gent who was a Chicago-based DJ, indicated he had set up two-factor authentication but that the hackers were still able to crack his Facebook account for his personal Event & Entertainment company.

Facebook, to their credit, detected the ad as fraudulent and shut it down before spending the entire $500.

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