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BLAKFX Offers a Comprehensive Approach to Security

BLAKFX has a comprehensive, holistic, end-to-end network, communications & data security offering, including ethical hacking, network cybersecurity auditing, network architecture design, ransomware auditing & recovery (RaaS), the most advanced data protection in the world (Helix22 SDK), Managed Security Monitoring and Operating Centers, and Open Source Intelligence Systems (governments only).
Our team has designed and built the most secure systems in the world that haven’t been hacked ever: Wickr, Katim Secure Phone, Government Secure Cloud, Secure Private Blockchain, Secure Crypto & FIAT payment systems, Secure E-commerce platforms, Pre-Crime & OSINT systems, Weapons secure comms, Secure Gov Networks, Future Secure Combat Support Networks and many more…
There is a very good reason why BLAKFX is unmatched in end-2-end cybersecurity services and products.
Contact us at to start your cyber resilience journey.
The wrold's foremost B2B and B2G data security product.
Helix22 – Zero Risk