BL∆KCoin Empowering Humanity

BL∆KCoin Empowering Humanity – Pre-ICO Period May 2018


BLAKCoin has several basic goals, and one is very clear.

Empowering Humanity by bringing on board the almost 3 billion people the banking system forgot and which now have the capability to participate in the global economy, e-commerce, banking and peer-to-peer payments via the BL∆KCoin and BL∆KWallet on their phones, is a primary goal. The experienced team of professionals at BL∆KCoin wants to create a borderless economy and new products powerful enough to be the new standard, while at the same time, protecting the assets of these global participants.

The Pre-ICO period has started – April 20, 2018 to May 20, 2018.

While many existing cryptocurrencies have a solid base, they clearly come up short in terms of vulnerability, some have inefficient and expensive processing ($4,600 to mine 1 bitcoin in the US), and surely consume large amounts of energy. And note that with only allowing 7 transactions per second (bitcoin blockchain), serving the global customer, especially in a secure manner, is unthinkable for the first wave of coins. BL∆KCoin delivers a multitude of solutions that place a premium on security.

And market leadership will come in the form of BL∆KNet – the secure, real-time and cheaper alternative for banking payment systems ACH (US) and SWIFT (international) – and a host of other secure platforms and products.

The business model at BL∆KCoin is spelled out clearly. Create a secure crypto currency backed by a strong corporation, and attract new investors to the industry. Also, BL∆KCoin provides a secure ecosystem in which customers can launch their coins with invaluable Security As A Service protection of their cryptocurrency both in transit and at rest.

The creators of BLAKCoin have also created Wickr, the most secure messaging platform in the world, United Alert, the first secure unified emergency alert and group communications system in the world, as well as Cryptegrity, the first end to end encrypted steganography communications system and BarkBYTE, the first intelligent Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) in the world. And it is important to note that BL∆KCoin created over 20 novel ideas related to security which are currently pursuing patent protection.

We suggest that investors study and consider this new and innovative coin.