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As Cyber Attacks Evolve, Is Your Data Security Ready?

Helix22 SDK takes an innovative approach to data security. Rather than trying to prevent a breach like other “products”, we embed Helix22 into the DNA of the data itself. Therefore, even if data is forwarded, copied or downloaded it is rendered unreadable.

Further, our patent pending cryptography protects your data at rest, in use and in transit. Most other products only encrypt data while in transit. We utilize what we call User2User encryption.

Finally, the Helix22 key server is “zero-knowledge”. We never have access to the content of your data and each key is ever only used once. Therefore, even future attacks or requests are impossible without your granting access.

Your firms or nation’s data is 100% safe with Helix22. Data breaches can be a concern of the past for your firm or nation. Reach out INFO@BLAKFX.COM


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