A “zero-knowledge” contact trace app could be developed…but no gov’t would want that…would they?

There is nothing inherently wrong with contact tracing apps, but only in the context of stopping the spread of Covid-19. For every other purpose in the future, without superlative cryptography, it will become a horrendous breach of privacy and a pathway to exfiltrating your personal data. Not just in terms of hacking, but in terms of government intrusion and surveillance.

Give Norway credit for shutting theirs down.  I wonder how many other nations will follow suit?

If any nation wants an actual pandemic contact trace app, that is hack proof and utilizes a “zero-knowledge” approach, send us a note and we can install the Helix22 SDK to make it happen.  INFO@BLAKFX.COM

fyi, we are not holding our breath waiting for the call.