A Privacy Solution for Contact Tracing

There is a great amount of concern about Covid-19 contact tracing apps and the privacy and security risks inherent in them. Unfortunately, due to the rush of development, security flaws have occurred and combined with the general populations distrust in the apps, uptake for most areas has been sparse.  For example, Norway, India and the UK have gone as far as to turn off their apps due to security concerns. Hence, the apps have delivered very little in terms of stemming the virus spread.

The solution is for the private sector to develop the app and install Helix22 to protect the data. The makers of the app, can share only the data that is required for follow-up. All other data remains protected and private. Government or unintended viewers will never have access.

For example, if a person contracts Covid-19, then that persons contacts can be released and proper follow-up by authorities can occur.  The tracing can continue for a short period of time, say one month, or until the person is considered free of the virus.

On the other hand, any person who does not contract Covid-19, will never have their personal data viewed or released.

With Helix22, the threat of a hack is non-existent as well.  The Helix22 cryptography, embeds within the data and even if a breach were to occur, any data copied, saved, downloaded or forwarded is all immediately rendered unreadable. This is only possible due to the paten pending DAN Binding process of the Helix22 encryption packet. Unlike other products, the Helix22 encryption protects data at rest, in use or in transit. It is always on and completely hack proof.  Our algorithms are multi-layered and military grade and have defeated all attacks.  Our founders invented Wickr, which has never been hacked since its inception in 2012.  Helix22 is an exponential enhancement on that technology and offers what we like to call 22nd Century Data Security.

Of course, when a vaccine is found or the threat is minimized, the app is uninstalled.

Helix22 – Zero Risk