38 Japanese Firms Breached Due to VPN Failure

A group of 38 Japanese businesses were breached due to inadequate Virtual Private Network (VPN) protection.

VPN’s are becoming increasingly popular due to the Work From Home Movement. Unfortunately, as with any perimeter based data security product, your firm’s data is vulnerable once the product has been breached.

For a VPN to be effective in the first place, it would need to be just one part of a multi-layered data perimeter. Unfortunately, as with all perimeter data efforts, data is only as secure as it weakest link.

At BLAKFX we feel that no data security is better than the illusion of data security. We developed our data security tools with this thought in mind and engineered products that 100% protect the data.

We have done this by taking a different approach to data security. Rather than attempting to set up a data security perimeter,  the Helix22 SDK cryptography embeds with the data itself. Therefore, it protects all your data at rest, in use and in transit. Therefore, even in the instance of a perimeter breach your firms data is 100% protected.

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Helix22 – Zero Risk

To read more about the VPN failure in Japan click the link.