141 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2020

“As digitization continues in 2020, data will become more valuable than ever before. Information that may have previously seemed trivial to the everyday consumer will actually hold significant value for stakeholders and hackers across the spectrum”

BLAKFX is ready to start putting an end to global hacking pandemic and to provide end-to-end “Digital Kevlar” for your data making it unreachable, unhackable and untapable for hackers & nation states.

We provide:
1. Helix SDK end to end encryption & global key exchange service. “Digital Kevlar” for your data

2. RaaS – Ransomware Auditing As a Service scanning & remediation services

3. Penetration testing & auditing services

4. Advanced SOC design, & MSS (SOC monitoring services)

5. Ultra Secure communications systems

6. TSCM – electronic security scanning & monitoring

7. National security level physical security protocols, implementation & training

8. LLLD – Low Level Drone Defender platform for detecting & neutralizing attack/weaponized drones (governments customers only)

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